L'Ours et l'Ermite

L'Ours et l'Ermite(2023)

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  • 类型:动画
  • 地区: 法国
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L'Ours et l'Ermite剧情内容介绍

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L'Ours et l'Ermite剧情内容介绍

L'Ours et l'Ermite原名:L'Ours et l'Ermite,又名The Hermit and the Bear

The bear is bored in the brambles and wants to make himself useful. But any time he helps an animal from the forest, his life turns to chaos… Meanwhile, the hermit has learned many things throughout his life and had many a thought. For fifteen years he has been waiting for a passionate and intelligent student he could transmit all his knowledge to… He offers a highly qualified ...

发布于2023年。由Delphine Maury执导,并且由编剧Delphine Maury、Marine Blin携幕后团队创作。


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