Colin Hearts Kay


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  • 演员: Noah Starr / Emily Chang / Mellini Kantayya
  • 类型:爱情
  • 地区: 美国
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Colin Hearts Kay剧情内容介绍

《Colin Hearts Kay》在线观看和下载

Colin Hearts Kay剧情内容介绍

Colin Hearts Kay

Brooklyn based cartoonist Colin Jenson has just broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Kay Ho. Colin takes us on a hilarious journey through his memories to uncover what went wrong over their three-year relationship and who was to blame. Ultimately it's up to Colin to erase the mistakes of his past and draw upon lessons learned to win back the heart of his true love.  —Anonymou...

发布于2010年。集众多位Noah Starr、Emily Chang、Mellini Kantayya等著名实力派明星加盟。


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